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No Show tonight I am joining The You Are Here show at Blaze TV in Texas!

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ALIENS and gamin`

I think its all a lie

September 28, 2023
I think these are Hedgehog mushrooms and im not sure the bottom left

Hey @Medastep got any ideas?

post photo preview

Just as I said months ago, maybe even last year. DNC will screw RFK and he will run independent. GOP will screw Trump and he will run independent. We are half way to that equation being solved. The one thing folks forget? Who was Don's best buddy in the 90's? George magazine? Who was RFK Jr's cousin? Do they both have an ax to grind? Trump/RFK 2024. Place your bets.

September 29, 2023

Err listening to trump to hear from his own lips what he's planning. He just stated in a LIVE speech in Anaheim CA.
That Looters/shoplifters will be allowed to be shot while leaving stores/business they've just robbed!

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