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My guest tonight had an emergency and had to cancel. Her son was hit on his motorcycle. He is doing fine. I wasn't prepared to do a regular show so I am going to take the night off. I will be back tomorrow at my normal time for some Friday night jams.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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New Forest Walk Video

Going live tomorrow

Early view of the video I made walking through my forest

Still got a lot to learn when filming this sort of thing. I need more static shots. Establishing shots. Maybe some of me walking through as well.

here it is
Seriously who wants a ring?

I only have one ring size so far!

Alright so this is my studio set up! Well mostly in my new house! I need to put up sound proofing, I have a curtain now over the window but I like the wood it's nice so I want to preserve it if I can!

Almost done with my knife blank!

Gonna finish the bevel and work on the heat treatment tomorrow!

post photo preview
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